Exoskeleton Auxivo OmniSuit

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Omnisuit, 2 in 1 Exoskeleton for back and shoulders.

The OmniSuit is a uniquely versatile multitask exoskeleton that provides shoulder support for overhead work and back support during lifting and forward-leaning activities.

With a design focusing on user experience and advanced engineering solutions, the OmniSuit provides seamless support across the entire vertical range of motion without compromising performance.

Whether you are a logistics worker, construction worker, or work in assembly and manufacturing, the OmniSuit offers you a flexible solution suitable for a large variety of work environments. 

Weight: 2,7kg (S/M), 3kg (L/XL)



To provide a good level of support, the integrated Elastic Energy Storage (EES) system utilizes gravity compensation and energy recuperation for the back and shoulders, resulting in a highly energy-efficient, passive exoskeleton.


The Auxivo team conducted intense biomechanical evaluations and field testing of the OmniSuit throughout the entire development process. 

The results show that wearing the OmniSuit reduces muscle activity and delays the process of fatiguing. The results of this evaluation will be summarized and published soon in the OmniSuit Performance Sheet.

Shoulder fatigue reduction 75%

Back muscle fatigue reduction 45%

Shoulder muscle support during overhead assembly 40%

Back muscle support during forward leaning 30%