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Hartico OÜ is the exclusive representative, importer, and authorised service centre of:

SANO Transportgeraete GmbH

EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH

HOERBIGER Automotive Komfortsysteme GmbH


SANO Transportgeraete GmbH is a progressive and innovative industrial mechanical engineering company which has its headquarters in Lichtenberg, Austria.

SANO Transportgeraete GmbH specialises in the development of mobile powered stair climber technologies, many of which have been patented worldwide. All SANO products meet the highest quality standards, are manufactured exclusively in SANO’s factory in Austria, and are sold globally in more than fifty countries.

SANO manufactures and develops its products based on the actual needs of its customers. SANO Transportgeraete GmbH is the world’s largest leading manufacturing and development company in its field.

SANO’s aim is to use the most advanced solutions and forms of technology to extend the mobility of people and facilitate the transportation of heavy loads. This is the reason behind the worldwide success of the SANO LIFTKAR product brand.