Exoskeleton LiftSuit Auxivo

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Exoskeleton LiftSuit® Auxivo

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As a wearable exoskeleton worn as clothing, it can be used in many situations where cranes or conveyor belts cannot be used, such as in narrow buildings and special work environments.

  • Can be worn over or under a jacket
  • textile exoskeleton. Washable and disinfectable
  • weight 0.9 kg (lightest product on the market)
  • supports the back and hip muscles during work
  • helps to lift and move objects below hip level

Relieves muscle tension when working and lifting at an angle:

  • In logistics and transport companies
  • In health care institutions, hospitals and nursing homes
  • In manufacturing and industry
  • In horticulture and agriculture
  • In construction and floor tiling

There are no restrictions on the areas of use

Level of support provided by the LiftSuit

We quantified the level of load reduction through a series of experiments in our biomechanical laboratory. The results show that using the LiftSuit significantly reduces the load on the back and hip muscles when lifting objects or remaining in a forward-leaning posture.

Muscle load reduction


Our team at Hartico is an expert in exoskeletons and ergonomics in the Baltic countries

To ensure a smooth implementation of the product, we developed a one-of-a-kind process together with our partners in the industry that leads to an ideal implementation.

A detailed workplace analysis and a face-to-face training on your premises or online makes up an important part of this process.

By doing this, we not only ensure the ideal use of the LiftSuit 2.0, we also make your employees feel comfortable with it .

To learn more, simply give us a call; there are no strings attached.