Exoskeleton LiftSuit Auxivo

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Exoskeleton LiftSuit® Auxivo

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As a wearable exoskeleton worn as clothing, it can be used in many situations where cranes or conveyor belts cannot be used, such as in narrow buildings and special work environments.

  • Can be worn over or under a jacket
  • textile exoskeleton. Washable and disinfectable
  • weight 0.9 kg (lightest product on the market)
  • supports the back and hip muscles during work
  • helps to lift and move objects below hip level

Relieves muscle tension when working and lifting at an angle:

  • In logistics and transport companies
  • In health care institutions, hospitals and nursing homes
  • In manufacturing and industry
  • In horticulture and agriculture
  • In construction and floor tiling

There are no restrictions on the areas of use

Level of support provided by the LiftSuit

We quantified the level of load reduction through a series of experiments in our biomechanical laboratory. The results show that using the LiftSuit significantly reduces the load on the back and hip muscles when lifting objects or remaining in a forward-leaning posture.

Muscle load reduction


The team of Hartico is an expert in exoskeletons.

!!!Prior training has been required for the correct and long-term use of the exoskeleton.

We provide training for exoskeletons in your company and for your employees in real work situations.