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Exoskeleton ErgoSante Hapo UP

Lightweight, powerful, and inherently intuitive, the HAPO UP is engineered to alleviate the upper limb strain experienced by workers seeking to reduce muscular stress and the risk of developing Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) due to repetitive motions.

Weight — 1,67kg

Size — One size

Assistance — 3,8kg / per arm (total 7,6kg)

Vertical assistance range: 60°-180°


The Exoskeleton ErgoSante Hapo UP is an exemplary illustration of assistance, reducing shoulder strain by 40% for maintaining the arms above the head and by 28% for handling light loads.

It offers protection for the shoulders and arms during awkward and prolonged postures involving raised arms or when handling loads with bending movements.

These risky postures can lead to joint degradation in the arms and shoulders across various sectors and professions, including but not limited to construction, public works, maintenance, industry, agriculture, and crafts.»