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Exoskeleton CarrySuit eksoskelett CarrySuit

The CarrySuit exoskeleton is a passive upper body exoskeleton that reduces the load on the hands, arms, shoulders and back when carrying and holding heavy loads.

The CarrySuit consists of a rigid exoskeleton frame that extends above the user’s hips and below the shoulders.

CarrySuit can be directly connected to various accessories for the transport of goods via an adapter.

Advantages of CarrySuit eksoskelett Carrysuit

The CarrySuit exoskeleton transfers the load to the wearer’s hips,
freeing up critical joints such as the wrist, elbow, shoulder and back, and relieving the muscles of the torso and arms.

Measurements of heart rate and muscle activity have shown that the CarrySuit can significantly reduce the burden on users’ musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems.

The result is that the work is much less exhausting and burdensome.



Our team at Hartico is an expert in exoskeletons and ergonomics in the Baltic countries

To ensure a smooth implementation of the product, we developed a one-of-a-kind process together with our partners in the industry that leads to an ideal implementation.

A detailed workplace analysis and a face-to-face training on your premises or online makes up an important part of this process.

By doing this, we not only ensure the ideal use of the CarrySuit, we also make your employees feel comfortable with it .

To learn more, simply give us a call