Exoskeleton HAPO MS

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Exoskeleton HAPO MS Mid Height Exoskeleton

exoskeleton hapo ms functionality

The HAPO MS is a lightweight exoskeleton, intuitive to use and designed to relieve upper limb, shoulder and elbow strain. Created by Ergosante.

Exoskeleton HAPO MS relieves workers assigned to workstations imposing the repetitive handling of objects with arms in front of them.

The HAPO MS exoskeleton is particularly suitable for all work requiring assistance of the arms at a height of 0° to 135° and in a horizontal amplitude of 180°, aiming at reducing the tediousness and improving the working conditions.

The user retains a high degree of freedom of movement and is not hindered in performing tasks that do not require mechanical assistance.


hapo ms body


Advantages of HAPO MS exoskeleton

  • Assists the upper limbs
  • Onesize
  • Smooth assistance
    • Yellow springs, up to 6 kg (3 kg per one arm)
    • Blue springs, up to 4 kg (2 kg per one arm)
  • Relief of shoulders and elbows by the double interface
  • Range of motion with assistance
    • Up to 135° in height
    • Up to 180° in horizontal
  • Weight 1.3 kg
  • Set-uptime 50 seconds
  • Time to remove 20 seconds
  • Weight 1,2kg
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Lifespan approximately 5 years
Performance of HAPO MS exoskeleton
  • Reduces the muscular activity of biceps by 33%
  • Reduces the muscular activity of deltoids by 16%
  • Better management of productivity and performance
  • Helps reduce absenteeism and staff turnover
  • Helps reduce fatigue
  • Helps the user’s balance and postural stability
Where to use?
  • Industry
  • Retail and Trade
  • Health Care
  • Building and Construction
  • Agri-food
  • Sorting – Picking

HAPO-MS-wearable upper body exoskeleton1HAPO-MS-UPPER BODY EXOSKELETONHAPO-MS-wearable upper body exoskeleton

Cable workers, electricians, sorting operators, laboratory workers, garment workers, welders, health care workers, milkers, etc.



The team of Hartico is an expert in exoskeletons.

!!! Prior training has been required for the correct and long-term use of the exoskeleton.

We provide training for exoskeletons in your company and for your employees in real work situations.