FENTO ORIGINAL Ergonomiski ceļu sargi

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FENTO Original Knee Protection specialises in ergonomics. All our products are co-developed by medical specialists.

FENTO Original knee protection helps prevent knee and back complaints by ensuring correct pressure distribution.

The Ergonomic Wedge ensures the correct distribution of pressure across the lower leg, which prevents knee and back complaints. It has an improved fit which takes on the shape of your own knee after a while and thus offers even greater comfort, flexibility and ergonomics. The FENTO ORIGINAL is exceptionally wear-resistant and has a broad, flat surface for extra stability.

Fento Original atvantages:

  • Hardwearing and waterproof outer layerw
  • Wide support area for maximum stability
  • The whole product is easy to clean
  • Breathable inlay distributes pressure over knee and lower leg to prevent back and knee protection
  • Replacable inlay
  • Elastic straps do not constrict behind the knee