LIFTKAR toeplates must be added and selected according to the field of activity and the type of goods.

You can choose between 9 basic models of toeplates and it is possible to order special support plates for transporting doors and windows, transporting water bottles, etc.

Strong and durable toeplates are developed and made of a special alloy patented by SANO LIFTKAR.

The grooves milled on the surface of the support plate protect the packages from slipping sideways during transport of the goods

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Standard toeplate

69.00 w/o VAT

Toeplate DS-NG

81.00 w/o VAT

Toeplate G

108.00 w/o VAT

Toeplate GS

108.00 w/o VAT

Toeplate GS-NG

89.00 w/o VAT

Toeplate Linde Heimox

110.00 w/o VAT


69.00 w/o VAT

Toeplate WL

78.00 w/o VAT

Toeplate XWL

108.00 w/o VAT