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Active Exoskeleton Japet.W+ for Back

The only motorized exoskeleton that protects employees’ backs in all their movements.

The Class IIa medical device

  • Relieves pain related to low back pain.
  • Limits the impact on the spine.
  • Secures gestures and postures.
  • Maintains mobility and muscle activity.

85% of people suffering from a lumbar pathology experience a significant reduction in their lumbar pain with the Japet.W+ exoskeleton.

  • 8 hours autonomy of battery
  • 5 Lifetime for components of the active system
  • 2 years Warranty on the active system accessories excluded.
  • 5 patents Of invention Registered IP: FR, US, Canada, Japan, South Korea
  • Lightweight — 2kg
  • Easy installation
  • 4 sizes
  • Made in France, Lille Workshop