Vacuum Suction Cup UPG1000

8,549.00 KM-ta

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With Vacuum Suction Cup UPG1000 you can lift and move loads of up to 1000 kg effortlessly.

  • Load capacity:
  • 4 suction plates = 400 kg
  • 6 suction discs = 600 kg
  • 8 suction plates = 800 kg
  • 10 suction plates = 1,000 kg
  • Silicone-free suction plates (no marks)
  • Suction plates with spring-loaded plunger and joint
  • Manual rotation 360° with grid every 30°
  • Manual swivelling without raster
  • Stepless swivelling from 0° to 90° by lowering cylinder
  • Removable support arm – unit depth min. 150mm
  • Two independent vacuum circuits with 2-fold safety
  • Integrated measuring devices for monitoring
  • Acoustic warning devices
  • Individual suction cup arrangement without tools
  • Mains-independent 12 V battery power supply
  • Extension arms for large-area elements
  • Meets the requirements of DIN EN 13155
  • Suction cup diameter 350 mm
  • Eyelet diameter 400 mm
  • Radio remote control for suction/release
  • Own weight approx. 126 kg

tipEasy handling of the vacuum cups on the construction site and for safe storage with the UPT 200 transport trolley. 

Thanks to the modular design of the Vacuum Suction Cup UPG1000, the suction plates can be optimally adjusted to the respective situation without tools.

Thanks to the extension arms, larger elements can also be suctioned even better and more comfortably.

The built-in support arm can be removed if necessary.

Special attention was paid to the development of the suction pads. These have an enormously high adhesion and are characterised by long durability. During the suction process, it is important that the element to be lifted has a smooth, flat and air-impermeable surface. The suction process takes place directly on the unit. Optionally, the operator can control the suction process via a radio remote control. The suction cup monitors the vacuum pressure independently and pumps up again by itself if necessary. The user is also warned acoustically if there is an imminent loss of vacuum. Power is supplied independently of the mains via the integrated battery.

As a rule, the vacuum cup has an operating time of approx. 8 hours.

The suction unit can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 90 degrees if necessary and can be used on almost any construction site.

Uplifter glass suction cups and vacuum lifting devices can be purchased new or used. Renting vacuum cups is of course also possible. Contact us for your individual offer.