Uplifter Glassworker GW295 Glazing Robot

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The Uplifter Glassworker GW295  Glazing Robot is the little brother to the well-known big models: Glassworker GW425 and GW625.

The GW295 is the optimal lift for indoor use.

  • Max. load 295 kg
  • Silicone-free suction plates (no marks)
  • Electric extension
  • Vertical mounting up to 2.42 m
  • Overhead mounting up to 2.90 m
  • Electric side shift of the front axle (+/- 50 mm)
  • Cable remote control
  • Self-monitoring safety system
  • Plug & Play delivery
  • Overload key
  • 4 suction plates Ø 350 mm
  • Manual rotation
  • Manual swivel
  • Battery 2 x 85 Ah
  • Rear drive 0.6 kW
  • Operating instructions with CE declaration of conformity
  • Own weight approx. 492 kg

This glass robot is characterized by its compact design and a small turning circle. Thanks to the slim chassis of only 62 cm/70 cm, the lift fits through any standard door. Glass can be moved safely even over uneven floors. With a load capacity of 295 kg, this glass assembly lift is one of the strongest in its class.

tip The GW295 fits easily into a passenger lift. 

It turns its load 165° to the left and right. It can also swivel the load 90° to the side. Ergonomics, economy and easy handling at a very high-performance level, these are the strengths of our GW295. The ideal machine for handling glass in the factory and placing it on cutting tables. With the Glassworker GW 295, large glass sheets can be safely unloaded, transported and installed. The computerised self-monitoring safety system and a lifting capacity of 125 kg or 75 kg “highlifter” when the arm is fully extended, make this the strongest uplift in its class. By the way, you can get every Uplifter Glassworker in your desired paint finish. We have the right device for every application.