Uplifter Counterweight UPO800 Overhang Spreader Bar

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In conjunction with a mini, car or tower crane, the UPO800 overhang spreader bar is used to assemble building elements in areas that are difficult to access, e.g. under a eaves, balcony, canopies or niches.

  • Max. load capacity 800 kg
  • Dead weight 1,060 kg
  • Counterweight included
  • Counterweight 28 x 25 kg
  • Width 890 mm
  • Length min.
  • 3,461 mm (with tip)
  • 3,063 mm (without tip)
  • Length max.
  • 4,671 mm (with tip)
  • 4,273 mm (without tip)
  • Height min.
  • 1,145 mm (transport position without castors)
  • 1,380 mm (transport position with castors)
  • Max. height
  • 2,620 mm (without castors)
  • 2,855 mm (with castors)
  • Extension lengths:
    990, 1,200, 1,450, 1,700, 1,950 and 2,200 mm


tip Use of the overhang traverse for areas that are difficult to access such as eaves, balconies, canopies or niches.

The required overhang can be set in different steps. With the standard radio remote control, the counterweight can be precisely positioned to balance the lifted load. The counterweight is equipped with individual ballast plates.

This gives you the option of adapting the lifting beam as individually as possible to the conditions on the construction site.

If you would like to buy matching glass suction cups or rent a vacuum glass lifter, contact us for the right choice.