Foldable Staircase STA200-62-3-FOLD

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Foldable Staircase STA200-62-3-FOLD

Loading and unloading heavy goods with Foldable Staircase using Stair Climber is really easy.

Transportation of packages, parcels, refrigerators, washing machines, home appliances, coffee machines, vending machines, copy machines, floor cleaners, seifs and lots of more heavy items can be done alone.

Electric Stair Climber steps up and down with heavy goods on Foldable Staircase easily. No pulling or pushing is needed compared to loading with ramps

Advantages of Foldable Staircase STA200-62-3-FOLD
  • Extremely easy to open and fold
  • Only 80mm when folded
  • Adjustable, working height 450-700mm
  • Does not need to be attached to the bus during loading
  • Modular lightweight construction
  • Specially reinforced and anti slippery step profiles
  • For loads up to 200kg

When buying a Loading Stair Case with Electric Stair Climber Liftkar SAL or Donkey Light, a special price of 459 eur applies