e-CargoCart 250 Antitip Motorized

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e-CargoCart 250 Antitip Motorized

Professional for proffessionals!

Motorized e-CargoCart 250 Antitip hand truck that is practical and easy to handle.

The e-CargoCart 250 is also superior on gravel driveways, cobblestones and other types of pavement that give the user challenges in daily life.

Optimally secured against sudden loads when fitting an anti-tilt support wheel, which keeps the hand truck at the right angle when used with a mechanical (lubricated) slide hub.

e-cargocart antitipe-CargoCart steering and antitip

The e-CargoCart 250, transport to and from loading and unloading is reduced to a minimum: e-CargoCart provides ergonomic comfort from truck or van down to basement ramps, or up ramps in general. You always work with Drive activated and you are thus relieved from pushing, twisting, and passing over minor obstacles in daily life. The load is moved without difficulty.

By means of a battery and a motor, the hand truck manages smooth surfaces, where it is practical as an ordinary hand truck, primarily due to the well-running motor system, which functions like an ordinary hand truck that is used in the transport industry, but the difference is a marked improvement of the working environment.

e-CargoCart 250. Technical data:


e-CargoCart Antitip # 102396
Capacity 250 kg
Km pr. Charge, up to 3 km
Weight without battery 28 kg
Hill climb 7 %
Height 1460mm
Drive through width 600mm
Max. Speed 5,5 km/h
Wheels                                 Terrain special
Weight Battery 4 kg
Battery 5 Ah
Voltage 24 V DC (2x 12 VDC – 5 Ah)
Charger connection DC ø 2,1 x 9,5
Type / Type / Type Lead
Current 230 V / 50 Hz 2,0 A
Fuse 30 A
Accessories; Anti-tip 35 or 45 degree