Mobili kėlimo platforma Xetto


xetto®: transportavimo vežimėlis, kėlimo platforma ir mobilus darbastalis: viskas viename – sukurta kiekvienai taikymo sričiai, norint perkelti, kelti, krauti ir iškrauti sunkius ir jautrius krovinius.

Xetto yra jūsų palydovas šiuolaikiniame darbo pasaulyje!


xetto transports goods and tools conveniently and flexible. Move the goods where you want them!


xetto lifts loads of 250 kg up to 106 cm. Let the lift table do the heavy work for you!


xetto loads and unloads to your vehicle effortlessly with the touch of a button – and it even rolls in to car


Transport goods on the xetto effortlessly from A to B. Take the xetto with you wherever you go in a comfortable and space-saving way!


As a modern professional, take advantage of the versatility of the xetto®! Lift weights and load your vehicle including the xetto®. At your destination, unload and move the goods easily on the xetto® to the desired location. Once on the xetto, the goods no longer need to be reloaded manually. No one combines as many functionalities as xetto®.


Thanks to the integrated and automatic lifting mechanism, you can lift tools or heavy materials safely to a maximum height of 106 cm, which is also a comfortable working height. The integrated brake system secures the goods on the spot. Even unhandy objects can be transported, loaded and unloaded without diff


Thanks to its practical versatility and simple handling, xetto® allows logistics processes to be carried out independently by only one person. With the many functions that xetto® combines, you not only save space but also time. You can load or unload weights in only 15-20 seconds and complete up to 20 loading processes per battery charge.iculty thanks to castor wheels.


Rethink logistics! In addition to its versatile application possibilities, xetto® allows you to work ergonomically. Every user can lift xetto® to the desired working height, making xetto® suitable as a mobile workbench. This way, you avoid unnecessary strain on your back and protect your joints. A device with multiple functions.
Many inventions have made our lives considerably easier and enabled us to make processes more efficient. The same is true for xetto®: transport trolley, lifting platform, companion and mobile workbench: all in one – developed for every application area to move, lift, load and unload heavy and sensitive goods. xetto is your companion for the modern working world!

Whether you are a professional in catering, construction, logistics or delivery service sectors as well as in industrial environments, with xetto® you can continuously optimise your working methods and processes. The innovative loading and transporting system with the functionality and comfort of a mobile worktable is easy on the back and relieves your employees.

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