Skydo laikiklis GRABBER 0240B

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The GRABBER 0240B panel gripper is a professional plate lifting professional tool

It is a light and strong tool that allows you to quickly and ergonomically lift plates and panels of different thicknesses. The key to ergonomics is the alignment of the hand joint with the liftable part.

The plate parts can be lifted from the middle or top of the part without bending and stressing the back.

The patented eccentric paws of the gripper are covered with a non-slip rubber coating. The weight is evenly distributed during lifting, the object to be lifted is securely and instantly attached.

Lifting surfaces must be oil-free.

The handle can be rotated 180 degrees as required to ensure ergonomic lifting positions.


With the GRABBER 060B carrier, you can carry the following items quickly and safely:

Wood: doors, panels, osb, laminate boards, window frames and sheet materials
Metal: steel, aluminum, copper (if oil and grease free)
Glass plates
Stone products: floor and wall tiles, granite and marble tiles
Plastics: trespa, polymer plates, solar panels and related materials
Gypsum boards, composite materials, etc.


For heavy plate loading.
For sharp-edged materials; your hands do not touch the product during lifting.
For thin materials or materials with a smooth surface that cannot be sufficiently grasped by hand alone.
When carrying doors and easily damaged surfaces.
When carrying tables and tiles.
As an aid in grabbing and pulling out the plate from the shelves.
For safe carrying and turning in the work area


Load capacity: 80 kg
Weight: approx. 1.1 kg
Material thickness: 0 – 60 mm

Protected by a worldwide patent