EXPRESSO Double stacking truck with folding handle, 8014251500

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Aluminum elliptical tube made of high-strength special alloy

Frame made of aluminum elliptical tube made of high-strength special alloy for top stability and resilience; Reinforced in the main stress area – 50% lighter than steel.

Safety handles

Safety hand grips protect hands when driving through narrow aisles and when maneuvering between vehicles. The handles form a permanently fixed connection with the handle tube without the aid of adhesives or annoying screws.

Glass fiber reinforced, curved cross connection

High safety standard thanks to a form-fitting connection to the special alloy handlebar. The upper cross strut serves as a handle, eg for transport over stairs.


The skids enable practical and safe transport of crates and crates over steps. The profiles of the runners have an integrated, red wear indicator to protect the construction. Thanks to the clip system, they can be exchanged in a flash.

Curved axis

The curved shape of the axle makes it easier to tilt, even with a heavy load, and prevents your foot from slipping. The curved axle is fitted as standard on all wheels with a diameter of 260 mm.

Wheel guard

The wheel guard made of EXLAN plastic avoids damage and dirt on sensitive loads.

Foldable handlebar

Thanks to the foldable handlebar, the hand truck can be conveniently tilted or stowed away to save space.

Protective profiles

Protective profiles serve to protect the load and secure sensitive goods such as white goods from slipping off to the side. They fit all hand trucks with elliptical tube handles.

Papildoma informacija

Papildoma informacija

Carrying capacity

150 kg

Own weight

15 kg


1500 mm

Height when folded

1300 mm

Axle width

510 mm

Overall width

585 mm