Exoskeleton MATE XT Biomechanical Performance

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Exoskeleton MATE XT by COMAU

MATE XT increases the quality of life at work by providing consistent and advanced movement assistance during repetitive and/or daily tasks.



Using MATE XT generates a steady reduction in shoulder muscle activation during overhead activities, improving your ergonomics, posture and reducing muscular strain.

The beneficial effects of using MATE XT have been constantly documented since the start of its development

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The MATE XT exoskeleton suit has been designed to improve the quality of life at work by providing consistent, advanced shoulder and arm assistance during repetitive operations and daily tasks.

Exoskeleton MATE-XT advantages
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Improved quality of life at work.
  • Reduced muscular effort, 30% at shoulder level
  • Higher performance by increasing precision.
  • Better working posture
  • Certified as an effective tool to reduce the biomechanical risk
  • Assembly
  • Stock management and packaging
  • Drilling, painting, gluing
  • Finishing phase


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The MATE XT exoskeleton suit is at the top of its class for acceptance and usability.

MATE XT is uniquely certified as an effective tool to reduce the Biomechanical overload using the new release of EAWS?

CE marked (2006/42/EC), Certified by TÜV Rheinland

ISO 13482:2014


Our team at Hartico is an expert in exoskeletons and ergonomics in the Baltic countries

To ensure a smooth implementation of the product, we developed a one-of-a-kind process together with our partners in the industry that leads to an ideal implementation.

A detailed workplace analysis and a face-to-face training on your premises or online makes up an important part of this process.

By doing this, we not only ensure the ideal use of the MATE XT, we also make your employees feel comfortable with it .

To learn more, simply give us a call.