Vacuum Suction Cup UPG350 Glass Lifting Device

4,063.00 w/o VAT

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The Vacuum Suction Cup UPG350 Glass Lifting Device is specially designed for loads up to 350 kg. Thanks to its modular design, the UPG 350 can be optimally adapted.

  • Horizontal load capacity max. 350 kg
  • Silicone-free suction plates (no marks)
  • Vertical load capacity max. 300 kg
  • Manual rotation 360° with grid every 45°
  • Manual swivelling by 90°
  • 2 independent vacuum circuits
  • 12 V battery power supply
  • Wooden transport box included
  • Own weight approx. 43 kg


tipFoam rubber suction pads and mount extensions are optionally available for Uplifter vacuum cups. Ask for them now! 

With this suction unit for glass, loads can be manually tilted by 90° and rotated by 360° (grid every 45°).

Glass elements can thus be perfectly aligned and inserted into the façade. With its mains-independent power supply, the UPG350 is the ideal installation partner.

The LED display shows the current charge status. The 12 V battery can be quickly recharged and replaced. If there is a loss of vacuum or if a vacuum circuit fails completely, the UPG 350 also indicates this with an acoustic warning tone.

The attached suction pads with a diameter of 300 mm ensure good adhesion and application power. The joint and plunger of the suction pads are also spring-loaded. Furthermore, the regulated vacuum pump ensures constant operational readiness for up to 8 hours.

All suction pads can be arranged individually without tools. By attaching the optionally available mount extension, even windows with deep frames can be vacuumed.