Stairclimber Liftkar SAL 170 Ergo Pistolgrip

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The LIFTKAR SAL is as easy to use as a hand truck. It’s just that you can handle stairs quickly and safely as well, thanks to the battery-powered climbing mechanism.
Going up, the LIFTKAR climbs onto the next step efficiently and precisely, all by itself. Going down, the motor acts like an eddy current brake. The load glides down smoothly, softly and safely – no need to press any buttons. Your back is protected and the risk of accidents is minimised.
Big choice
The Liftkar SAL is available in four versions. This choice of models makes it ideal for applications in industry, retail and business as well as in schools, hospitals, commercial kitchens, office blocks and many more. Whatever your transport needs, the Liftkar SAL is available with the right equipment options.
The motor power you need
There are 3 different motor sizes available that offer the optimum climbing performance depending on the kinds of weight that you need to transport.

170kg – 29 steps per minute

Advantages of SANO Liftkar SAL 170 Ergo Pistolgrip:

  • extremely lightweight
  • 29 steps/minute
  • two speeds: slow / fast
  • intelligent lifting unit starts automatically when going down stairs
  • hinged toe plate mounting – fixed version also available
  • features sliding clutch and electronic overload protection
  • manoeuvrable like a hand truck
  • confident on all stairs, even spiral staircases and landings where space is restricted
  • large pneumatic tyres, puncture-proof available as an alternative
  • second battery pack and in-transit charge for constant 24-hour use
  • high-strength aluminium toe plate
  • extended battery life

Liftkar SAL video:

Additional information

Additional information

Load capacity

170 kg

Weight with quick-change battery unit

20 kg

Weight without quick-change battery unit

16 kg

Climbing speed

approx. 29 steps/min

Maximum step height

210 mm