Modulkar 04, 300kg

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Hand truck MODULKAR®

The patented tube cross-section with double centre web means bolts can go right through. The groove on the inside provides extra stability. The heavy-duty wheel mountings in combination with the connecting axle being just 8 cm above the ground makes it easy to tilt. Only one spanner is required because the same TORX bolts are used throughout.

A synthetic washer together with a cup spring prevent the toe plate from clattering. Wheel changes are easy with the bolted two-piece tyre. Puncture-proof tyres can be fitted as an alternative. Wheel changes are Formula 1 style using just one bolt! The wheels are mounted on industrial-class ball bearings.


  • patented tubular cross-section
  • wheels changed using just one nut
  • extremely strong wheel bracket
  • connecting axle with support struts
  • innovative toe plate mounting to prevent clattering
  • two-piece tyre – mounted on ball bearings
  • grips fitted using stainless steel clamps
  • extremely lightweight

MODULKAR (blue,without toeplate), with loop grip, fixed toeplate-attachment (no gliders)

Additional information

Additional information

Weight9 kg
Load capacity

300 kg