Exoskeleton Auxivo DeltaSuit

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The Exoskeleton AUXIVO DeltaSuit® is a wearable exoskeleton for enhanced shoulder support during all work conducted at or above shoulder level.

With its unique design, the DeltaSuit offers performance without compromise. Combining cutting-edge soft and rigid exoskeleton technology, it provides a high level of dynamic support while offering maximum usability, mobility, and comfort.

The heart of the support system is the proven EES (Elastic Energy Storages) highly integrated into the compact shoulder structure. The support can be adjusted in two levels within seconds, enabling a new level of individual performance customization.

The Exoskeleton AUXIVO DeltaSuit is made from advanced materials, including lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum alloys, technical 
polymers and a mix of Cordura® and 3D-mesh textiles. This combination of soft and rigid materials makes it one of the lightest overhead exoskeletons on the market. The selective reinforcement of its structure results in a high level of support and unconstrained movements.

The user can choose between two levels of support:
level 1 provides 5.2 Nm of peak support, while level 2 provides 6.6 Nm



  • 2,15kg (S/M);
  • 2,25kg (L/XL)


  • S/M – Chest circumference 57-97cm, Upper arm circumference 20-45 cm
  • L/XL – Chest circumference 73-132cm; Upper arm circumference 20-45 cm

Textile parts can be removed and machine wash at 30°C.

Materials: Aluminium, Steel, Nylon PA12, POM. Main fabric, Spacer mesh: 100% Polyester. Lining: 79% Nylon / 21% Spandex

The Auxivo team conducted intense biomechanical evaluations and field testing of the DeltaSuit throughout the entire development process. These evaluations were performed in the company’s own laboratory and in collaboration with leading industry and research partners.

The results show that wearing the DeltaSuit reduces muscle activity and delays the process of fatiguing.
When muscles fatigue slower the user will experience
less tiredness and can perform the same task longer.

Cardiac cost reduction 15%

Neck muscle fatique reduction 75%

Upper arm mucle fatique reduction 60%

Shoulder muscle fatique reduction 45%

Shoulder muscle support by assembly tasks 36%

Shoulder muscle support with power tools 33%