Electric Stair Climber Liftkar NEO SAL 140 Fold-L Lithium

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Electric Stair Climber Liftkar NEO SAL 140 Fold-L Lithium

The best is now even better.

This is a new advanced model of the LIFTKAR SAL series with an exceptionally powerful lithium battery and many technological innovations.

The LIFTKAR SAL electric stair trolley model, which has been widely used so far, has proven to be the most chosen stair climbing device for transport work worldwide, mainly due to its unique stair climbing mechanism and unique quality.

  • LIFTKAR SAL does not lift goods vaguely, but automatically and uniquely smoothly selects the step height from 1cm to 24cm.
  • LIFTKAR SAL works on all types of stairs, including spiral stairs and all materials such as concrete, wood, glass and cork stairs.
  • LIFTKAR SAL series electric stair trolleys are handcrafted in Austria at the SANO Transportgeraete factory.
  • LIFTKAR SAL is composed of unique, patented technical solutions

Undoubtedly, the world’s best and best-selling stair climber LIFTKAR SAL has now raised the bar even further.

Electric Stair Climber NEO LIFTKAR SAL 140 Fold-L Lithium innovations:
  • climbs up and down 2000 steps instead of 300 with a maximum load.
  • equipped with a battery level indicator and a test button
  • LED stair step light for dark rooms
  • new battery mounting system – no separate locking required
  • Frame height 1350mm (+50mm)
  • Total height with open handle 1735mm (+115mm).
  • Improved work ergonomics – less back pain
NEO Liftkar SAL 140 Fold-L Lithium is a good choice…

…both in the transport of household appliances, photocopiers, doors and windows, maintenance equipment, cleaning machines, soft drinks and food, construction materials, etc.

Perfect for use in office buildings, apartment buildings, retail, industry, schools, hospitals, professional kitchens and many special types of buildings and . The stair trolley protects the back and joints and avoids the risk of accidents and health risks.

An electric stair trolley helps to make the entire work process faster and more efficient.

  • extremely fast – up to 36 degrees per minute
  • extremely lightweight – 16kg
  • two speeds: fast/slow
  • battery level indicator and test button
  • 2000 steps up and down with max cargo
  • LED stair light
  • battery weight only 2 kg
  • the smart lifting device automatically follows the steps when moving down
  • hinged support plate / additionally fixed support plate
  • electronic overload protection and load clutch
  • easy to maneuver
  • confident on all stairs, even spiral staircases and landings where space is restricted
  • suitable for tight spaces
  • wide pneumatic tires/ additionally puncture-resistant tires
  • easily replaceable battery
  • extended battery life
  • durable aluminum support plate
  • easy to load heavy goods into the van:
  • maneuverable like a hand truck

Liftkar SAL video:

Additional information

Additional information

Load capacity

140 kg

Weight with quick-change battery unit

20 kg

Weight without quick-change battery unit

16 kg

Climbing speed

approx. 35 steps/min

Maximum step height

210 mm