DEMO model. e-CargoCart 200 electric motorized all-terrain cart

2,895.00 w/o VAT

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The e-CargoCart 200 electric motorized all-terrain cart features:

  • Equipped with a powerful electric motor
  • Quick-charging and removable battery
  • Exceptionally durable MODULKAR 300 (AT) aluminum frame
  • Manufactured in Denmark at the IMMO factory

The e-CargoCart 200 self-propels heavy loads with its motor, relieving the user from exerting physical effort.

It performs excellently on rough terrain, gravel roads, cobblestones, and other types of surfaces that present daily challenges to the user.

  • Equipped with a foldable large lower support plate (TYPE G)
  • An exceptionally wide range of MODULKAR and LIFTKAR accessories for various applications
  • Optionally, double all-terrain wheels can be installed, ensuring good traction and preventing sinking into soft ground.

The e-CargoCart 200 is equipped with a stair skids.

  • Useful on stairs
  • Ideal for improving work ergonomics during loading and unloading.


e-CargoCart 200. Technical data:


e-CargoCart 200, 100617
Max. load200 kg
Max distance on asingle charge3 km
Weight (w.o battery)2 kg
Maximum incline angle7 %
Max. speed5,5 km/h
Wheels                              Terrain special
Weight4 kg
Capacity5 Ah
Current24 V DC (2x 12 VDC – 5 Ah)
ConnectionDC ø 2,1 x 9,5
Cell typeLead-acid battery.
 230 V / 50 Hz2,0 A
Fuse30 A
Certificated CE