Back Support Dorsaflex

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Universal Back Support Dorsaflex…

…is made of a very elastic fabric with exceptionally good breathability.

The black color of the fabric has been specially developed to reduce soiling and extend the use of the backrest on work clothes. Suitable for use both over and under work clothes.

The back support belt has four long and reinforced splints to support the worker’s back and it easily adjusts to the body.

The Dorsaflex backrest provides strong support for the back, which provides a corrective and tension-relieving effect for workers in tiring work positions.

Back support Dorsaflex is extremely popular due to its good properties and the best price-quality ratio.

Back support Dorsaflex is used to improve back fatigue and occupational health in the areas of:

Office and computer work
Logistics – picking and packing
Manufacturing and industry
Horticulture, agriculture and rural economy
Medicine, rehabilitation and care and nursing staff
Areas where employees have long-term forced back postures at work

Dorsaflex backrest is suitable for:

For prevention during strong physical effort
For post-injury rehabilitation
For moderate or severe lower back pain
In case of discopathy

Medical indications:

Rehabilitation after injuries, medium and serious lumbar pains, discopathy, sciatica, prevention during strong physical effort.


Dorsaflex backrest is a unisex model.

Size  Belt length  
 S 65-90 cm
 M 90-120 cm
 L 110-140 cm